Kerry and Ruth Thompson’s 1922 Ford Model TT Truck is in smooth running order for its centenary this year.

The couple purchased the truck in 1979 from Yass local identity, Pat Skillin, and the truck was picked up at “Marilba” in Bowning off of the Hume Highway.

“It had been laying in the tip for many years,” Kerry said. “So then I bought it off him and that was where it all started.”

Kerry originally bought the truck for $200 but said with a laugh that was only the start of the dollars and was probably the cheapest bit.

He said he got the truck running in 1984, but it still lacked the cabin. That year it was on display at the Yass Show and in 2000 Kerry began work on the truck again.

Kerry rebuilt the entire timber cabin with the aid of both friend and carpenter, Graham Jewell.

“[Graham] helped me select the timber and make it up and then I put it together,” Kerry said. “Graham was where the idea of how to [recreate the cabin] came from.”

Kerry and Graham styled the cabin off pictures of other 1920s Ford Model TT Trucks.

He explained that when vehicles’ chassis (the vehicle’s supporting framework) were shipped to Australia in the early 1920s, buyers would take it to their local blacksmith who put a body on the vehicle.

But in 1925 Ford opened a headquarters in Geelong and the following year they established an assembly plant near Port Adelaide, SA.

The truck’s spare tyre is the vehicle’s only original tyre, the other Kerry purchased from Taiwan.

Kerry said they use the same sized tyres on the rickshaws in Taiwan, a two or three-wheeled car pulled by one person carrying one passenger.

Overall, Kerry estimates it took about 20 years to restore the truck in between a full-time job, running a farm and raising a family. With approximately $7,000 to $8,000 on purchasing and creating parts, which doesn’t include the many hours of labour on the project.

“It’s sort of a hobby that you could probably get your money back on,” Kerry said.

Ford Model TT vehicles produced from 1917 to 1927 have sold for as much as $27,288 AUD in the last five years according to Over that period of time, Model TTs have sold for an average of $15,538 AUD. The lowest during that time sold for $5,306 AUD. The price range is largely dependent on both the condition of the truck and how original it remains.

Did you see Kerry and Ruth’s 100-year-old Ford at the Yass Show last Saturday?

By Brianna O’Rourke