Are you ready to help your Learner driver become a Safe Driver?


Are you ready to help your Learner driver become a Safe Driver? A free workshop will be held for parents, supervisors, and learner drivers on Thursday 1st June 2023 from 6pm to 8.30pm, at the Yass High School. Pizza and light refreshments will be provided on the night


These workshops are supported by NSW Roads & Maritime Services and cover:


  • What is involved in being a supervising driver
  • How the NSW graduated licensing scheme works
  • How to complete the learner drivers logbook
  • Low risk driving
  • The use of licensed driving instructors
  • Practical tips for teaching and supervising a learner driver with up-to-date information on the requirements for Learner Drivers
  • Questions and answers

“Parents and supervisors play a vital role in helping young drivers gain the skills and experience they need to be safe on the road,” said a Road and Maritime Spokesperson.


“This course has been developed to help young people in the local area learn these skills with confidence and ultimately, make the journey from L to P plater safer for all road users.

“The course also reinforces the important role families play in providing ongoing support for young motorists in their early years of driving.


“Parents and supervisors who have previously attended the course found it boosted their confidence and helped them better plan driving lessons, while also giving them the opportunity to share their experiences with other parents and supervisors.”

The NSW government explains that a supervisor is a role model and a mentor for their learner driver. Before you begin to supervise a learner, it is recommended to refresh your knowledge of the road rules with the Road User Handbook, review your driving habits, learn to communicate road information calmly and clearly, and read the learner driver log book to understand the learning goals.


It’s recommended that supervisors start by trying frequent, short practice sessions in the beginning, and to start practice sessions on quiet streets, preferably in daylight, gradually progressing to busier roads and more challenging conditions.


“Allow the learner to proceed at their own pace – don’t force them to attempt tasks they’re not ready for,” they explain. 


“Be positive and offer praise when the learner successfully completes a task. Don’t criticise mistakes. Calmly explain and discuss what happened and allow the learner to try again— Reschedule the practice session if you or the learner driver are tired, upset or stressed.”


To supervise a learner, you must hold a current full Australian driver’s licence.