As previously reported, the 511 Yass Fire Station is looking to expand its team and add more firefighters.

Deputy Captain Mat Carroll wanted to let potential candidates know why he loves being a fireman.

“The ability to look after the community in the town in which you reside and help out your fellow citizens in their darkest hours.”

All firefighters at the 511 Yass Fire Station are held on retained employment and are paid for hours throughout the week in which they are available to respond to incidents should they occur.

“There’s no set hours every week; it depends on how many callouts we get during the times I’m available.”

“Some weeks, you may do a couple of hours; others it might be closer to 20,” he said.

Mat’s primary job is as a police officer. He described how he manages to balance both roles and the varying responsibilities that come with them.

“We have to give priority to our primary employment.”

“I avail myself for the role around my police duties,” he said.

Depending on his primary employment demands, the Yass Fire Station fits his hours in throughout the week.

“At the moment, I have a lot of nighttime availability because the role I’m doing is predominantly day work.”

“If I was doing my normal role around my shifts, some days I can give the full 24 hours of availability and other days I might only give half a day,” he said.

When asked if he would recommend joining the 511 Yass Fire Station, Mat’s answer was simple.

“It’s something I’d encourage any of our local citizens to do.”

“It’s very rewarding, a good way to learn extra skills and gives you a great sense of being a part of a team,” he said.

The 511 Yass Fire Station’s Captain, Scott Lang, was full of praise for his second in charge.

“Mat has extensive local knowledge, which plays an important role as an emergency responder within a regional community,” said Lang.

With applications being accepted over the next few weeks, those interested in seeking further information are welcome to contact Yass Fire Station on 6226 1058 or via the 511 Yass Facebook page.

Max O’Driscoll

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