Women’s Hub in Yass is a community craft group, as well as general women’s gathering group, brought to the community by Encounter Church down on the main street. Held every Monday from 10am during school terms, group member Fiona Langtry explains the group is a wonderful way for ladies to relax and make lasting friendships in the community. 

“It’s been running for probably close to fifteen years, and we initially started it as a means of teaching people some craft when the group got too big for our homes,” she said. 

Currently the Women’s Hub group is led by Ann Denholm and Deirdre Herrmann.

“We invite ladies from anywhere in the community to come join us for a cuppa, chat, bring their crafts. We have an artist who’s willing to teach people if they’re wanting to. They can run new crafts, do art, pop in for five minutes or four hours.”

Fiona Langtry

Fiona explains many ladies bring their knitting and crocheting, as well as artists who bring paint and small canvases. There are also those who sew, with tables and powerpoints are available for anyone bringing sewing machines along. 

“Chatting and doing craft together is a great way of making friends because it’s a relaxed environment. We’re comfortable, we’re warm, there’s free tea and coffee, and people just love it I guess, because it’s relaxed,” said Fiona.

Currently, the group has a range of ages with mostly middle to older ages, and is welcoming to anybody, including mother’s with babies and children. Currently one grandmother occasionally brings her grandchildren along, and there are toys available to entertain young children while mums and grandmas take a moment to craft and chat.

“It’s very flexible,” assured Fiona.

On most Mondays, Women’s Hub runs a stall outside the church where they sell crafts to raise money for an orphanage community in Kenya.

“We raise money for our friends in Kenya who run an orphanage, support child led homes, and help put them through school,” 

“We’ve been supporting them for many years, one of the ladies who comes to women’s hub actually helped start that whole mission.”

Available at the stall include items sold on commission made by ladies in the group, as well as donated items.

“Several women are very talented knitwear designers and creators, and many of their items are for sale. We have blankets, knitwear, soft good and toys, second hand and brand new.”

Griffin Palen