Behind the camera of our latest print story on the Yass floods OUT NOW and our previous story ‘Holiday in your hometown of Yass’ was Professional Photographer Megan Cassidy. We’ve turned the questions on Megan to find out how she catches magical moments… 

Violet & Madelyn Richardson enjoying a sunny day in Coronation park during winter school holidays

Violet & Madelyn Richardson enjoying a sunny day in Coronation park during winter school holidays

COVID-19 may have kept some families close to home for the winter school holidays but there was still plenty to smile about.

Violet and Madelyn Richardson found plenty of fun on the play equipment at Coronation Park.

Samuel Brown and Elijah Stinson were ready to ride at the Yass skatepark

and a group of local families enjoyed each other’s company and a picnic at Riverbank Park.

The families connected through a Facebook page they set up called “Yass and surrounds parents” and would like other parents to know they get together often and are a very supportive group. All mothers, fathers and their babies and children are always welcome to join them.

These beautiful photos of family life in Yass were captured by talented local professional photographer Megan Cassidy. Our Q&A with Megan reveals her passion and purpose when she is behind the camera.

Q How did you get started in photography?

A About 9 years ago I was sick of the photos of my firstborn being blurry. My mum bought me a good camera and my husband encouraged me to learn how to use it so that’s where it all started. I took a course but got bored quickly so the rest was really self-taught.”

Q What type of camera do you use?

A “A Canon EOS, Mark IV with a Nifty Fifty 50 mm lens which is ideal for portrait photography.”

Q In car language what’s your camera?

A “The camera is like a Porsche and the Nifty Fifty lens is probably closer to a Datsun!” Megan chuckled “It’s a happy medium.”

Q What’s your favourite subject to photograph?

A “I love photographing families. Capturing the connection between mums and their kids is my favourite. That moment when you capture the essence of a person, particularly children is very special. Capturing natural, even messy, childhood.”

Q Asking a child to pose for a photograph is a recipe for disaster. What’s your secret?

A “I think I relate more to kids than I do adults” she laughed. “I guess I’m good with kids. Just be playful and meet them at their level and speak directly to them

Q Where do you see yourself in a year’s time?

A “I want to keep doing portraits because that’s my favourite thing in life, but I’d like to be more versatile and add to that and do family films. I’ve already started teaching myself and I can’t wait to offer that too, it’s exciting.”