Photo: Berinba Public School Principal Malena Waibel with students from class 5-6A

It’s Berinba Public School’s 50th anniversary this week, coincidentally falling on the same day that local students returned to school on Tuesday, February 1.

Celebrations were pushed back to September 2022 due to COVID-19 uncertainty, but Principal Malena Waibel and the committee are planning a weekend full of events.

Malena said it will begin with a dinner and reunion with some past principals, teachers, past students and P&C members.

The school opened in 1972 and 262 students are currently enrolled. Berinba has several time capsules that are also set to be opened this year.

Berinba Public School Principal Malena Waibel

Malena said they are planning to revive an art show that the school used to run featuring both students work and local artists.

“It’ll be actually quite a drawcard,” Malena said. “Quite prestigious, actually, so it’ll be really great.”

The school is also planning on having a fete during the September weekend celebrations with rides and market stalls.

A group of ex-teachers and admin staff are pulling together 50 years of Berinba Public’s history to create large displays for the community and visitors.

Malena said another exciting thing on the school’s anniversary year were locals Scott and Tyahn Bell designing indigenous art for bicentenary hoodies and shirts that will be on sale throughout the year.

“We’re looking at getting some pavers for all our past families to purchase that we can put around the school to have a little bit of a remembrance wall or path somewhere.”

However, the school is still finalising the details. There’s also a plan for a focus on local history this year about 50 years ago when the school opened, what Yass looked like then, how different it is and how much the town has changed.

“It’s actually a pretty natural element that comes through in our history units that we do anyway,” Malena said. There’ll be a big focus on that as well.”

Malena also suggested fun activities like having the students dress up in the old uniforms from the 70s – Is it time to dust off the bell-bottoms?

If you’re interested in aiding Berinba Public in planning and running their bicentenary celebrations then please reach out to the school on 02 6226 2110 or email

By Brianna O’Rourke