VIP tickets to the Binalong Community Club’s Dancing With The Locals event sold out within two hours on Monday (May 23) and limited general admission tickets are also selling quickly.

Held on Friday, June 17 from 6pm to 11:30pm the glitzy event allows locals to get glammed up for an evening of fun and dancing.

Binalong Community Club Secretary Madeleine Brayshaw is organising the event alongside Kirsten McGhie and Ange Elliot. She explained there will be five local Binalong couples who will perform various traditional and modern dances throughout the evening.

A Zumba dance group run by the local instructor and Street Beats will also each put on a hip hop performance during the evening.

There are only 80 general admission tickets available but at time of writing another 50 had already sold so if you’re keen to get your groove on then get in quick. General admission is $100 per person.

Dancing With The Locals was first held last year and it appears its initial popularity has flowed on to the second event.

“It’s a fundraiser for the community club,” Madeleine said. “We’re looking at doing renovations to toilets and outside facilities and things like that.”

Madeleine said she’s looking forward to the event and hopes to have a good night out.

“VIPs have sold out already, so it’s pretty well responded to within the community,” she said. “Yass and Harden and we had people from surrounding local areas come last year as well.”

VIPs sit at the front and can see all the performances well, on top of that they receive more free drink passes on their way in.

“I’m looking forward to it,” Madeleine said. “It’s not often we all get to glam up and go out for an event like this in Binalong.”

“It’s a really good night out and everybody gets together and can just have a chat.”

The event requires formal wear and Madeleine said last year everybody looked beautiful.

“All welcome. It’s going to be a great night,” she said. “The committee is working hard to move forward with renovations and things with the community club.”

If you’re interested in purchasing a ticket, then head to the Binalong Community Club Ltd Facebook Page and message the club or follow the Eventbrite link. Alternatively, patrons can purchase their tickets prior to the event on Thursday or Sunday evenings at the Club.

Brianna O’Rourke