Potholes on Armour’s Road in early March.

Local resident Denis Williams has voiced his, and other locals’ frustrations with the Yass Valley Council over the conditions of the roads around Russell Street and Armours Road Binalong. They have written a letter to the Council hoping for a reply to what they see as long-term issues with the road network in Binalong.

Locals claim they were told four months ago an inspection occurred and an update would be provided, however, according to Denis, that update never came.

Denis feels left in the dark about the situation and is growingly frustrated with what he says is a lack of communication from the Council.

The letter points out the number of potholes on the roads and includes concerns for the safety of people using the road, including mothers with their children in strollers and cyclists. Denis has also asked for a sidewalk, which could reduce the risk of injury.

Council responded by stating: “Armours Road is a Category 4 road in Council’s grading hierarchy which is scheduled for patrol grading once per year. Like many Category 4 and 5 (once every two years) roads, Armours Road has required additional intervention due to the prolonged period of wet weather during 2021.

It is next scheduled for grading in May 2022. Council continues to inspect all roads and reprioritise patrol grading to address all issues on the network based on risk. Gravel Resheeting is normally conducted every 20-25 years, however additional gravel is added when required to address specific damaged or worn areas of the road.

During the winter and spring of 2021, Council’s sealed road maintenance crews focused on the heavy use roads within Yass Valley, these included Gundaroo, Sutton, and Murrumbateman Roads, Lachlan Valley Way, and Burley Griffin Way. This resulted in limited interventions on the local sealed road network. Burley Griffin Way is a State Road and maintenance of this road is directed by Transport for NSW (TfNSW). Council, under the Road Maintenance Council Contract with TfNSW, conducts regular inspections and carries out regular general maintenance on Burley Griffin Way.

As with all roads, Burley Griffin Way suffered additional damage during the prolonged wet period in 2021, this also prevented long-term repair works from being conducted as the works could not be carried out during the colder, wetter months. TfNSW has now secured contractors to carry out these additional works which will improve the condition of Burley Griffin Way and Lachlan Valley Way. This has reduced the general maintenance burden on Council which has allowed the sealed roads maintenance crews to complete maintenance on the wider local road network. Hughstonia Road pothole repair was completed in early February.

Council has received an overwhelming volume of requests and complaints from the community about road condition and maintenance during 2021 due to the additional damage to the roads, Council’s roads maintenance staff were directed to focus on their primary role of maintaining roads as opposed to responding to every complaint or request. Council regularly publishes updates on the maintenance and there is a FAQ on our website to advise residents of the challenges and provide an update on what is happening on the road network.”