The Bobbara Hill Walk opened to great success on Sunday the 10th of September, managing to draw over 300 visitors, an increase from the previous year’s 250. The walk acts as an annual activity day and fundraiser for the Binalong Public School P&C Association, with all funds raised directed back into the school.  Featuring a barbeque, drinks and panoramic views of the blooming canola farms and the wider region, the walk was quite the social event for Binalong, bringing in climbers from not just across the Yass Valley region but the greater NSW area to the Binalong township. 

“We had a ripper of a day”, said Binalong P&C Association President Max Giles.

 “I was doing the buggy rides and I didn’t stop all day. I had people saying to me that they loved the views and just couldn’t believe how far they could see”.

Max Giles driving the buggy 

 This year’s event drew a greater crowd than previous years’ climbs, in no small part due to the blooming Canola fields and sunny weather. 

 “Last year we did it on Mother’s Day, whereas this year the Canola was out and it wasn’t a bad day weather-wise…it was a little cool on top of Bobbara but the sun was out and we just had such great feedback, it was brilliant”.

 Groups including school-aged children, families, seniors and out-of-towners from as far as Sydney were present, with Max describing the crowd as “A mix and a variety” featuring “All ages and stages”. 

 An anonymous climber reported “The Bobbara Hill Climb was magnificent, my husband and I have always wanted to do the climb and never got around to it. With the assistance of the buggy, we were finally able to get to the top. It was an amazing view, and we were very impressed with how well the staff helpers were assisting my husband. He was glad he got to tick that off his bucket list, so thank you for a great day”. 

 While monetary figures regarding the fundraiser are still being calculated, the walk also functions as an attraction to the town of Binalong, with previous walks drawing in people from outside The Valley and injecting interest and commerce into the local economy. Max confirms that on top of the Binalong Markets, various businesses including the Binalong Golf Club, local pubs and produce vendors were open in anticipation of the greater crowds, and found great success. 

 “A big thank you needs to go out to the Bobbara Station property owners, the Binalong Rescue Squad for tea and coffee and assisting with first aid, and also the Bowning Lions Club for cooking the barbeque, as well as all the volunteers from the school who helped with either checking in, serving food, getting out drinks or just being there to help, it was all around a great team effort and made it so much easier”, said Max. 

 Next on the Binalong P&C Association’s calendar will be the Spring Fair at the Binalong Public School, set to fall on the 5th of November. 

 Griffin Palen