Photo: Binalong locals Kathy Dawes and Pauline Oldfield caught a lift to the top with Matt Cummins of Bobbara Station (Heidi Grange).

The Binalong Public School Parents and Carers Association (P&C) hosted the Bobbara Walk again this year on Sunday, May 8 drawing 250 hikers and keen walkers from across the region.

Hikers from Yass, Murrumbateman, Harden, Young and even visiting travellers from Leeton and Queensland who were in the area for other business made the trek up the mountain.

The walk required a donation entry, and the P&C provided some lifts to the top for a fee for those who couldn’t make the walk themselves. If you drive from Yass to Harden, you’ll see a lovely triangle peak appear shortly before passing through Binalong. Mount Bobbara offers panoramic views of the surrounding farmland and undulating countryside.

On top of the mountain, a radar tower helps air traffic controllers manage a busy a busy airspace and depending on the time of day from the top you may see soft white ribbons of fog hiding hilltops below. Binalong’s P&C Treasurer Heidi Grange said it was a good day with 250 people passing through the gate, a similar number to previous years walks.

“It was a good day, the sun was out, it was a bit of a cool breeze, but good walking conditions.” Heidi estimated the walk up Mount Bobbara is about 1.5 kilometres and can be steep in parts. The property is not public but actually owned by Bobbara Station who kindly throw gates open for the day.

Covering 4000 hectares, the Bobbara Station managers allow the P&C to run the annual fundraiser once a year. It’s one of the group’s major fundraisers of the year along with the November fair and Murrumbateman Field Day. Heidi said they were happy with the turnout but hope to grow it in the future.

Although the P&C is still finalising their donation figures, Heidi said they estimated they raised about $1,500. Funds raised aid in a variety of things for the local primary school from purchasing new equipment, donating books to contributing to events, camps, excursions and other school-related articles that the school may not have the budget for. Recently the P&C aided in some school grounds improvements with new lawns, trees, and cement walkways.

The Binalong Public School’s P&C will likely hold a food stall at the school on election day on May 21. Photos from the day will be available to purchase for a small price online in the next day or two here.

Brianna O’Rourke