Binalong’s Angela Taylor released her first children’s book, “The Machinery Shed” at the Binalong Community Markets on Sunday.

“I thought I’d just release it here in Binalong where it was written, and it’s written about a lot of the blokes here in Binalong, so I just thought it was a good place to start it off and stand there and sign a few copies for the kids,” said Angela.

The book is recommended for kids aged 0-9 and focuses on harvesting and silage in Binalong, with the book’s characters based on real people in the village.

“It’s a little kids farming book about harvest and silage.”

“My family here in Binalong are all contractors, and there’s lots of different contractors around us and the book’s based on all the blokes that we work and collaborate with,” she said.

Wanting to read farming books to her children, Angela noticed a common trait she wished to see rectified.

“I guess most of the children’s farming books are about American barns, with American terminology, and I hadn’t really found many Aussie farming books.”

“There was this power farm magazine with big tractors in it that I started reading to Joshy (her son), and the idea came to mind from there,” she said.

Whilst the characters help tell the story, they also help educate the kids about some of the tasks performed on the farm.

There will be a website launched alongside the book to sell related merchandise, and Angela also hinted at another project she has in mind.

“I’ve got the idea for another book in the pipeline, but we’ll have to wait and see,” she said.

Max O’Driscoll