Georgie Rainger, the Founder of Bravely Being Me, is starting up a “Friendship and Connectivity” group for parents and caregivers of children with special needs.

“Having worked with neurodiverse children and their families for so many years, I am often lucky enough to really become part of their lives. However, in doing this I also see first hand the trials and tribulations that they all go through.”

“Some families have wonderful support networks, which is terrific and definitely needed. However I also feel there are many who don’t have those networks and can feel really isolated by their experiences. I’m really hoping that having an outlet, such as this group, will help overcome this isolation for some!” she said.

Georgie has lived in Yass for seven years and started the Bravely Being Me business in early 2019, coming from a background of special needs education.

“Essentially my business provides social, emotional and inclusive education support for early years and beyond,” she said.

The Friendship and Connectivity Group has been a project in the works for some time now, with Georgie citing an absence of similar support services in the region sometime ago.

“I think there is definitely a lack of this type of support in not only our area, but in wider communities as well unfortunately.”

“Actually, there is a huge need for far more support services and networks in rural areas everywhere. Many children in our area and beyond are continually on waitlists for a variety of support services!”

Whilst the group will provide an opportunity to share with others during times they may be struggling, Georgie also wants it to be a place where people can share their wins with one another.

“Communication and connectivity is really the key for so many of us to get through tough times together, but I really hope to celebrate and share ‘the wins’ that people have as well!” she said.

Georgie is still waiting on a venue before she announces a date but says the project will kick off in the coming weeks.

To register your interest or to discuss how you may be able to help, email Georgie at

Max O’Driscoll