Residents are pushing for a further 500m of the Murrumbateman Winery Trail along McIntosh Circuit to be completed early as it’s currently set for Stage Two, which won’t begin for some time. 

The trail stretches from Scrubby Lane to Murrumbateman Winery and was completed last year but Murrumbateman local Elizabeth Harris is asking for it to be continued the short distance between Scrubby Lane and Murrumbateman Winery.

Stage Two, which contains the section of the Murrumbateman Winery Trail in question, is not to be built until Council has more information about what the plans for the Barton Highway upgrade at the intersection will include.

“Stage One is now complete and includes all the works on the trail to date and Stage Two will be completed upon funding being sourced and discussions with the Barton Highway team are finalised,’ Council advised. ‘Appropriate grant funding is not yet available.”

Residents and tourists alike have been waiting some time for the Winery Trail, and this section of McIntosh Circuit could be considered one of the most dangerous, Elizabeth said. 

The Barton Highway Upgrade Alliance stated that when the Murrumbateman bypass is built in the future, the existing highway will be a service road into town, so McIntosh Circuit will not be impacted.

Elizabeth feels that completion of the Winery Trail should be a priority for several reasons including providing a safer path for walking, jogging, and cycling; safer roadside environment for children catching buses to and from school; and it supports local wine makers.

She added that it may encourage people to exercise which improves cardiovascular health and mental health. It also improves access to the area encouraging local tourism. Elizabeth theorised the number of people moving to the area will increase as new estates become populated. In this case, infrastructure may need to be provided including safe footpaths.

“It goes a small way in reducing the infrastructure inequity between Murrumbateman’s and Yass’s town centres and the outer areas of Murrumbateman,” she said.

Elizabeth was also concerned with the addition of the new Murrumbateman Public School and that there may be a safety concern for children travelling to school. 

“The bus stop at the corner of McIntosh Circuit and Middletons lane is used by many school children and could be made safer by the trail and Children Crossing signs.”