Fabiola Case has shaved her head for cancer in a one-off for Yass Can Assist, the NSW cancer assistance network.

Currently sitting at about $7,000 AUD Fabiola is continuing to raise a lot of money according to Yass Can Assist’s Patient Coordinator Jean Frost.

“She just saw a need, figured we couldn’t be raising much money in lockdown,” she said. So, she would volunteer to have her head shaved for us.”

Described as “a gorgeous girl” Fabiola’s mother was already a volunteer with Can Assist paving the way for her to shave her head and become a volunteer herself.

It seems we need more Fabiolas in the world with a whopping 150,782 estimated cancer cases diagnosed this year.

Moreover, the National Breast Cancer Foundation warned this week that delays in diagnosis and treatment will have lasting effects beyond the pandemic.

It estimates there could be between 1,300 and 2,600 missed or undiagnosed breast cancer cases based on recent Cancer Australia data.

Fabiola looks pretty good without hair too Jean says. “Hopefully the first chunk that they cut off will go towards making a wig somewhere.”

Like many people who shave their head for cancer Fabiola initially cut off her ponytail and saved it in anticipation of creating a wig for cancer patients who had lost their own hair through treatment.

“It’s just such a lovely thing to do for a young person, to lose her hair,” Jean said. “But she just says, ‘Well, I haven’t got cancer, I’ve got my health and my hair will grow back so big deal’.”

Head over to the Yass Can Assist Facebook page to donate to Fabiola’s cause.

By Brianna O’Rourke

Photo: Fabiola Case shaving her head (Supplied)