Cecaly’s Country Barber opened on Comur Street recently within Jennique Beauty near the Liberty Theatre.

Operated by experienced barber and hairdresser Cecaly Pateman (now Cecaly Keith), the barber shop is open 9:30am till 3pm Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays and 8am till 12pm on Saturdays.

Shortly after the Country Barber opened, Wayne Dawe successfully sold the Liberty Salon just down the street to young gun Alarna Pack-Mclucas on April 20.

Born of hairdressing legend, Cecaly’s mother owned Joyce’s Country Salon about 30 years ago in Yass. At 17-years-old Cecaly began working under her mother’s tutelage alongside her sister in 1989 eventually taking over the salon before selling it in the late noughties.

Photo: Jenny Cameron and Cecaly Pateman (Supplied)

“I called it Cecaly’s Country Barber because Mum’s salon was Joyce’s Country Salon,” she said. “So I just want to keep the country in the name because that’s a bit of mum with me, it just keeps it in the family.”

Cecaly then went on to work with Jenny Cameron (who now owns Jennique Beauty) at her salon for a few years before leaving to care for her young family.

“Cecaly and I are very excited to be back together again after working together for many years in the past,” Jenny said. “She has opened her Country Barber and ladies haircuts at Jennique Beauty.”

The pair have stayed great mates and Cecaly’s Country Barber was born out of one of their chats.

Within a week of mentioning to Jenny that it was a shame the town didn’t have a barber at that time, Cecaly had opened her own barbershop.

“The kids were at that age where I thought, ‘well, you know what, it’s time to go back down the street and do what I love’.”

“I just have a passion for hair, and I love colour,” she said. “I think I’ve just always been passionate about it.”

In recent years, Cecaly did some housekeeping and aided salons down the street when they needed an extra hairdresser.

Cecaly does men’s, women’s and kid’s haircuts and walk-in cuts are available. She said she also plans to possibly add some extra services in the future after she settles in.

“It’s a great atmosphere, I’ve only been open two weeks, but the gentlemen are coming in and they’re smiling, everyone’s having a little joke and everyone’s happy and it’s just a really nice atmosphere.”

By Brianna O’Rourke