Sixty Second Swirl by Brent Lello, Yass Valley Times Wine Columnist

It wasn’t that long ago that Rosé was a rarity and a really good one was a bit of a unicorn.  Now, nearly every winery in the Yass Valley region is putting out this pretty-in-pink style and in my view, Rosé is as varied in colour and character as any style on the market today.  Nearly every possible red grape variety is being used to produce Rosé with a wide range of winemaking tactics employed to derive each distinctive style.  Most Rosé these days don’t take themselves too seriously.

One of the best examples of Rosé getting around at present is this week’s “swirl” – the Murrumbateman Winery Shiraz Rosé 2021.

Murrumbateman Winery Shiraz Rosé 2021

Bobbie Makin waves the winemaking wand to produce classic cool climate wine styles and this little ripping Rosé is worth seeking out, being fuller in flavour than a lot of others on the market.

This cheeky Rosé is a brilliant blush of strawberry red in the glass.   A swirl produces aromas of crushed strawberries, cranberries and redcurrants with a waft of florally fragrant rose petals.  The palate is luscious and smooth with sweet strawberry and red berry fruit flavours.  The initial hit of sweetness leads to a dry, satisfying and food-friendly finish.

Murrumbateman Winery 2021 Vintage Harvest

We enjoyed our bottle with a teriyaki glazed Tasmanian Salmon fillet which was a superb combination, but is versatile enough to enjoy with a spicy Thai red curry or even a bucket of prawns with spicy cocktail sauce.  I got my bottle directly from the cellar door, but you can buy for $30 online.