Dear Editor,

Surely the town water supply & restoration of Soldiers Memorial Hall are somewhat more important to local RATEPAYERS than providing Council — who do very little – with a palatial building.

This is a Memorial for men who gave their lives for this country. But our current Council seems to have no regard for these men & their families.

Descendants of these fallen still reside in our district. How sad for them to see this graceful building fall into disrepair & our Council is only concerned about their premises.

It would seem that the main concern of Yass Valley Council is to get more development — more houses, more ratepayers, more money.

Then they can build a new Civic Precinct but give nothing back to the community.

Compared to smaller towns in the region, Yass main street is rather a disgrace. The old Commercial Hotel is an eyesore & has been for many years, the Liberty Theatre could have been a tourist draw but no interest from ‘our’ Council.

Rosalie Bush

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Dear Editor

I support Council’s decision to proceed with the development of new council chambers and associated offices and community facilities, library etc. The timing is perfect: interest rates will never be lower, the local government area is growing at a fast rate and council can, as stated by former mayor Nic Carmody, fund much of the cost from the sale of assets. I believe it will prove to be the catalyst needed to motivate other property owners to invest in well overdue upgrades to main street buildings as well as cater for the presently crowded accommodation needs of council staff.

It is essential, in my view, that overall, the new buildings complement the heritage values evident in Comur Street and that the Crago Mill building be sensitively incorporated as an integral component, properly refurbished, the ground floor would make a unique council chamber.

There could very well be opportunities to provide office accommodation for State Government agencies and other professional services which would free up some of the much-needed retail space in Comur street.

I do however, have some reservations about having the best building in the worst street. We have much to be proud of in Yass, excellent and well-maintained sporting facilities and parks and gardens but our main street has been allowed to deteriorate and presents badly for locals and visitors alike. The street furniture has been neglected, most planter beds are damaged, and footpaths ‘restored’ after services upgrades are now uneven trip hazards and look terrible.

Whether council addresses the shortcomings of Comur street prior to, or in conjunction with the new precinct does not matter…but they should be addressed with at least an equal priority, and the sooner, the better. Comur street is our front door to the rest of the world and by any standard, it appears rundown, uncared for and uncared about.

Yours faithfully,

Allan McGrath

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