The Yass Community Baptist Church had a big weekend of events, with their Parents Night Out and Big Board Games Afternoon proving popular.

“We haven’t run much for a while because of Covid, but it’s our part to try and bless the community and use our space in ways that bless the community,” said Pastor Nick Barber.

Parents Night out-Toni and Daniel Neuhaus

The first event was the Parents Night Out on Friday, which Nick said was an “acknowledgement” of a need within the Yass community.

“There’s a lot of young families in Yass that don’t have Grandma and Grandpa around in Yass, so it’s rare to get a night out without the kids.”

“My wife and I are in that boat where we don’t have extended family around and to go out for dinner; it’s not just the cost of dinner, it’s usually like 70-80 bucks for a sitter as well.”

“We’ve got a few extra hands this week to help with that, and they’ve all got their working with children’s checks and things like that, so we thought that would be one thing we could do this weekend to hopefully give a few parents a night out,” he said.

The “extra hands” Nick described were from a bible school in the Southern Highlands, who Nick wanted to instil the value and importance of community.

“It’s our faith to love Jesus, but he tells us to love our neighbours, so that’s part of our motivation,” he said.

On Saturday afternoon was the Big Board Games Afternoon, which was another opportunity for the Community Baptist Church to allow the community to use its resources.

“I think we’ve been pretty disconnected thanks to Covid, and we’re just trying to create ways the community can get together, and it can be a whole family thing, and just enjoy some time together.”

“We’ve got space, and we just want to use that space as much as possible for the community,” he said.

When asked why the Church feels the need to put on community events like the two from the weekend, Nick said it’s very much a major part of his Church’s beliefs.

“In Jesus’s own words during his time, he was asked ‘what’s the most important commandment?’ and he said, ‘to love God’ and the second or on par with that is to ‘love your neighbour as yourself’.”

“Certainly, I feel us as Churches haven’t always been excellent at that second thing, but it’s certainly one of our highest values thinking about how we can love and bless our community with the resources that we have,” he said.

The Community Baptist Church aims to be a positive influence on the Yass community and hopes people know their community projects are not about pushing their agenda on people, and rather them just wanting to do a good thing.

“One of our mission statements is that we want to see Yass become a better place to live.”

“We want to be a posit

ive contribution towards the whole community to see it be a better place to live and that’s not just a ‘drag people into the Church thing’ we want to be using our resources to bless the community, we want to be out and about in the community.”

“Obviously, we as a Church love Jesus, we believe in him, and we love others to know about that, but with these kinds of things, we’re very intentional about them not being a ‘bait and switch’ thing,” said Nick.

Regardless of faith, I’m sure attendees of both events this weekend were thankful for the generosity of the Yass Community Baptist Church.

Max O’Driscoll