One of Yass’ most long-standing and beloved food spots, Yass Country Kitchen, is on the market, with owner Julie Rosser wanting to retire.

Listed for $120,000, Assistant Manager at Yass Country Kitchen Lauren Winzar says the restaurant/cafe has been a “staple of this community for over 25 years”.

“I know when I moved here, it was one of the first places we saw as our local for pizza or coffee and anything like that, so it’d be lovely for it to go to somebody who is also a local or wants to be a local and maintain that community spirit,” said Lauren.

Country Kitchen Cafe & Pizzeria – Kaila Lymbery Julie Rosser (owner) and Toni Garland serve up freshly made pizzas – 2020 saw Julie celebrate 25 years in business.

Lauren says that whilst Country Kitchen has experienced steady growth in recent times, there is the opportunity for further development for a person willing to put in the work.

“I know looking at our books and looking at how we run, there is an opportunity to be open more hours, to hire more staff and to take on so many more growth opportunities that would expand the income here exponentially.”

“There is huge room for growth here, and we’re very proud we’ve had steady growth over the last several years, including during the Covid time, and I think a lot of that is down to the wonderful support we have in the community.”

“For new blood, someone fresh and raring to go, this thing could go off,” she said.

Adalynn and mum Diandra Navara visit the cafe regularly

The Country Kitchen has travelled to three different locations in Yass since Julie started the business, with the loyal customer base following her Country Kitchen wherever she went.

It has been in its current location next to IGA on Laidlaw Street for 6-7 years now, and with its proximity to IGA and other stores, it receives plenty of passing traffic.

With a brand already so recognisable within the community of Yass and surrounds, serious enquiries are encouraged to be sent to

Max O’Driscoll