Yass High School’s Darcie O’Sullivan was recently one of ten lucky senior school students to experience a week of work placement with Canberra Theatre as part of their Creative Experience Program.

“We learnt about how everything works and all the different departments within the theatre and how they all run.”

“Towards the end of the week, we practised a pitch as if we were going to present an item for Canberra Theatre and make it happen, and show all that we learnt,” she said.

Theatre was always considered a passion for Darcie, but in recent time and after the experience of work placement, it has become something she sees herself doing long-term.

“It was something I thought I’d give a try and see what happens, but it’s now turned into something I actually want to pursue as a career.”

“I really like theatre and live performance, so either of them,” she said.

Covid restricted her opportunities in 2020, but Darcie is always eager to help out with anything occurring locally.

As for future plans, she thinks she will try to return to the Canberra Theatre or move to Sydney for more opportunities and recognises what it may take to achieve her dreams.

“I was probably thinking I’d move up to Sydney or give Canberra Theatre a call for part-time work or go to Sydney and just turn up and say ‘hey if you want me to do any work, I’m always here.”

Darcie’s greatest passion is for the audio and lighting side of live performance, stating she believes it is ultimately what makes the show.

“It’s been something I’ve been interested in for a couple of years, and it’s all of a sudden something I really, really like,” she said.

Congratulations to Darcie on getting so much out of her experience. With a second running of the program scheduled for late July, perhaps there will be more of our talented senior students here in the Yass Valley to take up the opportunity.

Max O’Driscoll