After falling behind 17-0 half-time the Yass Ewes had a remarkable comeback against Gungahlin to finish the game tied at 17 apiece.

“We had a couple of players which changed things a lot but the whole team was fantastic!”

“They played the second best team in the comp and they managed to have a draw, which was pretty impressive,” said Coach Stephen Crisp.

As for what sparked the turnaround, Stephen says it was forcing the Gungahlin girls towards the middle and away from the outside.

“The team we were playing had a lot of small but very fast players and once they learnt to stand outside in defense and force them inside, our defense was excellent and didn’t get run through at all.”

“I think our tackling and the way we approached keeping the ball in close and just power running, and I think once our game plan kicked in they went really well and were excellent,” he said.

The Gungahlin Women are currently first placed in the city division, and the learnings the Ewes received in the first half, will hold them in good stead for the rest of the year.

“Now they’ve learnt that, they’ll be so much better for it. It’s a development comp for a reason and they’re learning, but learning very quickly,” he said.

While the Ewes would’ve loved a win on the day, improvement and fun are the most important things for them moving forward according to Stephen.

“Our improvement every week is really good, and as long as they keep improving every week nothing else really matters.”

“I think they have a lot of fun, it’s just the pure grit in the second half and we just showed real determination and I love that,” he said.

If the Ewes game was as close as it gets, the Rams certainly weren’t as lucky going down 77-14 to the Bungendore Mudchooks.

“We got taught a lesson by a very good team of experienced players who taught the boys how to play football,” said Coach Ian MacFarlane.

Inconsistency remains a big issue for the Rams guys, with Ian disappointed his side didn’t rise to the big challenge that is the Mudchooks.

“There were glimpses and patches of good football, but patches have got to turn into periods of play.”

“There were several blokes out there that did try and did give me 100% the whole time, particularly the younger fellas again.”

“They are a good side, there is no beating around that, but we possibly played our worst game against the best club,” he said.

After some confidence was building amongst the group in recent weeks, Ian hopes that progression has not been undone.

“I think we’ve just got to focus on the positives of the game and there weren’t many, but just put it behind us.”

“They’ve got to reflect on all the good work they’ve done previously and not fall back on that one bad game.”

“They’ll be in for one hell of a training session tomorrow night [Tuesday] though,” Ian said with a menacing laugh.

With only one win this season, the Rams are refusing to give up on their goal of playing finals football.

“We’re only two points outside of third spot at the moment, and I think we’ve played the hardest teams we can and I think we’re about to go on a bit of a run.”

“I think we’ll end up being in the top 3,”said Ian.

Both teams return to Victoria Park on Saturday with the Ewes hosting Uni-Norths at 1:40pm, and the Rams to follow against the Batemans Bay Boars at 2:30pm.

Max O’Driscoll