The couple behind Yass’ hatted restaurant, Clementine, has discovered a new pace of life at its Comur Street bakery.

Brooke Sainsbery and Adam Bantock opened the doors to Clementine Bakery on Saturday, July 18 and locals queued to the end of the street to get their hands on fresh croissants, baguettes and danishes.

Quaint like Clementine, the space is painted dark green with large breadboards hanging on the walls; rustic tables selling homemade pasta, pasta sauces and jams; and counters serving deliciously glazed, crispy morsels.

The bakery at 69 Comur Street, inside the old TJs Embroidery shop, is open on Saturdays and Sundays, from 9am until sold out. The couple plans on opening from Thursday to Sunday in a few weeks.

Mr Bantock, with Ms Sainsbery’s help, is baking six types of sourdough, baguettes, croissants, danishes, bear claws and gourmet pies with Moroccan lamb; beef and Burgundy; fish, potato and fennel fillings from Clementine’s kitchen up the road.

In-keeping with Mr Bantock’s cooking at Clementine, some products at the bakery will also change with the seasons.

“We will have our staple products and then products that will change depending on the week and season. The danishes will be seasonal; they’ll be made with pears when they are in season and oranges when they are in season,” Ms Sainsbery said.

Sweet morsels at Clementine Bakery – Fran Marshall Photography

The couple has also applied to the council to have a coffee machine at the bakery.

There is no seating inside during the COVID-19 pandemic, however, there are three tables outside on the sunny side of the street. After the pandemic, the couple will bring a long bench and additional seating inside.

The bakery was always Mr Bantock and Ms Sainsbery’s dream but was never possible while the restaurant was running.

Clementine Bakery open for business – Fran Marshall Photography

“We fell back on Adam’s baking while we couldn’t open the restaurant during the pandemic. We always served sourdough in the restaurant, and there was always good demand for it. We also always sold takeaway sourdough on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Then we started a little retail line: pasta, pasta sauces and jams. Leaning on that gave everyone a reason to come to work still, and we enjoyed spending time with the kids and having nights off while we didn’t have the pressure of service. Then somewhere along the line, we decided to give the bakery a go,” Ms Sainsbery said.

Clementine Restaurant is on hold while the couple focuses on their new venture.

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