The shire of Gunning is going all out in pink tomorrow (Friday) to raise funds for the Breast Cancer Network Australia after a young woman working in the Gunning Health Service was diagnosed recently.

“It really shook us that she was so young. We wanted to do something and everyone has rallied,” said Katie Yeo, General Manager of Gunning District Community and Health Service (Gunning Community Care).

Staff member Rebecca McCamish said a few of them would be walking the streets selling raffle tickets and would be dressed “so you can’t miss us!”

“We are holding a Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraiser with all proceeds going to Breast Cancer Network Australia. We have been encouraging all community members, including businesses, Gunning Public School, Gunning Early Learning Centre, Upper Lachlan Shire Council Gunning to dress in Pink, to decorate their business in Pink!  We want the entire town to be decked out in Pink for the day to raise funds for this fantastic cause.”

Gunning Community Care has put together hampers with prizes donated by members of the community and Gunning Businesses to be raffled off on the day.

Organisers in Gunning are inviting Yass Valley residents to visit tomorrow (Friday), buy a raffle ticket and show this worthy cause has much love as we can.