International Mens Day in Yass – Emergency Services meet Men’s Shed members.

Thursday the 19th of November was International Men’s Day with the theme of Better Health For Men and Boys.

International Men’s Day has been running since 1999 and is now celebrated in over 80 countries each year.

The Local emergency service including Yass Police, NSW Ambulance, and Fire & Rescue NSW joined forces at the Yass Valley Men’s Shed (YVMS) to promote Men’s Health.

The YVMS provides a place for men to talk about their issues in an open and welcoming environment.

It also offers an excellent opportunity to meet people and form lifelong friendships and a solid support group.

Their Mission is to provide a unique and practical way of addressing men’s health and wellbeing.

“Men are known to stay quiet and not talk about their problems, and it’s important we have opportunities such as these to encourage each other to talk about our problems,” said Acting Inspector Dave Cowell of Yass Police.

International Men’s Day brings to light the positive value that men have in the world through their involvement with the community and their families.

The day also encourages men to teach young males the value, character and responsibilities of being a man.

Emergency Services meeting with Men’s Shed members.

According to LifeLine Australian men have three times the suicide rate of women. Cancer Australia shows that men are nearly twice as likely to suffer from lung cancer than women are.

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare statistics show that men are twice as likely to suffer from heart disease and on average die four to five years earlier than women.

One In Three shows that one in three domestic violence cases in Australia has males as the victim.

November not only hosts International Men’s Day but has also been dubbed Movember.

This fundraising event occurs every November and encourages Men to grow a moustache to raise money for Men’s health.

It is a fun way to promote Men, and you can register or show your support through donating at

There are more than 1,000 Men’s Sheds across Australia, and they are very diverse in their memberships.

The YVMS engages in woodwork and metalwork and has a successful gardening group.

The Men’s Shed has a kitchen, billiards/snooker table and runs games of cards and chess along with music.

The YVMS promotes inclusiveness, friendship and tolerance.

Members and visitors are expected to conduct themselves courteously, including appropriate language and respecting other people’s needs and space.

The YVMS can be contacted at

Ryan Betts