The new Yass Valley Hilltops Trail Riders Club had their first official club ride over the weekend.

Affiliated with ATHRA (Australian Trail Horse Riders Associated) the group already boasts 26 members with 16 riders participating in the trail ride last Sunday.

Club President Lisa Colbran said the club has only just opened but had a fantastic bunch of people for their first ride.

“It’s going to be a club that’s based on just having fun riding,” Lisa said. “People getting together of all different ages, disciplines and all that sort of thing and just having some fun.”

Currently, the club plans to meet on the first Sunday of every month but as the date often falls over a long weekend, they will likely move the dates if needed.

A Boorowa resident, Lisa grew up in Yass Valley and was originally a member of the Cowra Trail Riders Club.

“I was a member of Cowra and I thought, well, there’s nothing like that out this way towards Yass and Hilltops and so a few friends and I got together and made it happen.”

Lisa said at the moment the group is trying to get ac- cess to properties in the area.

“We’ve been approached by people in Young, Dalton, Murrumbateman, and also out near Taemas Bridge,” she said. “It’ll be good to have some rides out there.”

“It’s going to be quite a broad area that we’ll cover.”

Lisa said trail riding is absolutely a social outing.

“We’re from so many different disciplines and ages and levels of riding,” she said. “So it’s good to get together with other people and talk about their different ways of doing things.”

Lisa said the group is also considering renting Boorowa’s new undercover horse arena when the weather doesn’t allow for trail riding.

“We’re not limited just to trail riding,” she said. “Boorowa has a fantastic facility, a massive undercover arena up here.”

“We might get some instructors and that sort of thing in and have some fun days as well.”

If you’re interested in joining the local trail riders club then head to ATHRA’s website ( Fees vary but an adult membership cost is $120.

New members are free to contact the club through their Facebook page or website for more information.

By Brianna O’Rourke