Fleur Flanery is one of the candidates registered for Yass Valley Council, and she’s looking forward to the elections in December. As a long-term resident of Yass with significant experience in government, non-government and now private enterprise, she feels ready and committed to run for Council.

Fleur was an Executive for the ACT Government, including her long-time position as the Director of City Services, in which she had responsibility for ACT’s public open space network, including roads, city cleaning, mowing and more.

“The Yass Valley and Yass in particular, is at a juncture. As a group of towns we’re experiencing accelerated growth because of our location and lifestyle. The most important thing for all of us to acknowledge is we want to keep and build on the elements of the towns that makes them unique whilst managing for the future. For me, an essential element is preservation of our natural resources, particularly water. In this respect, I’d like to see a greater focus on sustainability across all new developments. One of my concerns is having a ‘cookie cutter approach to development won’t provide the necessary planning to manage for a more climate challenged future and if left unchecked this style of development will diminish the things we like the most about where we live,” said Fleur.

Fleur and Thomas Johnson, her husband, have raised their family in Yass and understand the demands of those with families – young and old. She is cognizant of the vital role Council has in supporting people in the region.

Fleur has already shown her willingness to contribute to the Yass Valley, having been appointed to the Yass Valley Aged Care Board, a member of the Yass Valley Business Chamber, and on the Marchmont Trust. She is a keen long-distance runner, a former winner of the Canberra Marathon, a two times Australian Mountain Marathon representative, and still runs an average of 20 kilometres a day. She finds running is an easy way to move around and see people in the community.

To reach out to Fleur, head to her Facebook page “Fleur Flanery- Yass Valley Council Candidate”.

Max O’Driscoll