After spending the past week assessing damage and fixing critical safety issues, Yass Valley Council estimates the total flood damage to Council assets to be over $2.5 million. 

Hit hardest were the Council’s road network and recreational facilities. 

Murrumbateman Road is now open between Patemans Lane and Nanima Road; however, the road over the damaged culvert is down to a single lane only, and traffic lights have been placed on either side to ensure the safety of motorists. The council is asking the community to please travel slowly and adhere to the safety measures.

Murrumbateman Road

The council advises safety barriers and equipment are on track to be delivered in the middle of next week to reopen one lane across Dam Break Creek to provide access to traffic and enable repair work to begin. Council will announce online when the lane reopens. 

One lane reopened on Black Range Road on Thursday the 11th of August, with motorists urged to exercise caution when crossing the temporary crossing. Woolgarlo Road has reopened, with motorists advised to exercise caution when travelling across the damaged culvert. Morton Avenue opened on Friday while Booths crossing and Yass River low-level crossing remain closed.

Moving to recreational equipment damages, the fitness equipment at Riverbank Park towards the low-level crossing has been destroyed and is entirely unsafe.

Yass Riverside Park exercise equipment was destroyed.

While damage to the Riverbank Park playground looks less dramatic, the children’s equipment was heavily impacted by the flood due to its proximity to Yass River. Council has therefore decided to close the play equipment. The Council is assessing the play area before taking any steps toward replacing the equipment, noting that a significant upgrade and expansion are already part of the Council’s delivery plan. 

“The Riverbank park playground has been designed with flooding in mind. The design team will review the design in light of this flood and the predictions of future wetter wet periods and drier dry periods,” said Director of Infrastructure and Assets James Dugdell. 

“Where the Wild Things Are”, the proposed design for the replacement playground at Riverbank Park

Mr Dugdell explained that Council has been liaising with SES, Resilience NSW and TfNSW on a Disaster Declaration. This will allow State Government Funding to be made available for Council and community members impacted by the flooding. The funding would go towards fixing what has been damaged and focusing on opening roads as soon as possible.

Mr Dugdell said that during the flooding, Council consulted with the SES, the Combat Agency for flooding. Together they provided and continue to advise the community on the precautions to take during the flooding event. In addition, the Council is continuing to provide advice on current and potential road closures.

Southerly Jones

Photo at top by Megan Cassidy: bus drivers, Phil Davy, PaulBush, Mick Broers, Alan Stuart and Phil Furlonger during the recent floods.