The Four Winds Vineyard in Murrumbateman was this week awarded with Bronze at the Australian Gin Awards.

The hand-made gin was developed by Four Winds Vineyard after losing their 2020 grape crop due to smoke taint from the bushfires.
But the toughest of times can present new and exciting opportunities.

The team at Four Winds Vineyard decided since they were unable to harvest any grapes for wine, they would turn their attention to gin.

Teaming up with The Canberra Distillery, Four Winds Vineyard undertook trials using varying percentages of Riesling juice and a range of botanical flavours.

After numerous amounts of testing and trials, they created a Riesling gin, full of floral and citrus flavours.

The juniper, citrus, and apple flavours of the gin combine perfectly with any tonic.

Sarah Collingwood, CEO of Four Winds Vineyard said they would receive a certificate of the award and medallions to put on the bottles.

“They were the only grapes we ended up picking last year so we ended up making a gin out of it, so it’s been a nice outcome,” Sarah said.

Tori, the Business Manager at Four Winds Vineyard, said she and the team was very proud of what they have achieved in such a short amount of time.

“It’s great. It’s the first time we’ve ever entered a gin award, so it’s quite exciting,” Tori said.

Four Winds Vineyard, which only makes one type of gin – Riesling Gin, claimed the Bronze Award after following a selection process.

“We had to send four bottles through as there was a few different categories that we could enter,” she said.

“We only received confirmation of the award this week. I recall sending the gin to them about a month or so ago.”

Tori told The Times of how Four Winds Vineyard made the most of a difficult situation with the bushfires at the start of last year.

“We’ve only made the one gin due to the bushfires last year. The reason we made the gin was because we couldn’t make any wine without smoke-free grapes,” Tori continued.

The team at Four Winds Vineyard use professionally taken photographs for all their bottle labels, across wine and gin, as opposed to just a graphic.

“There’s also a label competition that will be judged in early November. The total prize money is $10,000 which will be awarded and divided to the top three winners,” she continued.

The gin may be bought online at the Four Winds Vineyard website, from the cellar door, or leading bottle shops.

While the news is still fresh, the vineyard hopes the award will grow recognition for their product and increase sales.

“We’ve only received the news this week, so it will be interesting to see if sales increase. We’ve already got quite a few emails about it,” Tori said.