Local author Robyn Cadwallader will be making a visit to Yass on the 3rd of June, with a Q&A meeting session to be hosted at the Yazzbar, hosted by Joanna Hicks, owner of the Yass Bookstore.

Robyn Cadwallader, who is stationed just outside of Canberra, has recently published her most recent book, ‘The Fire and The Rose’, a historical fiction novel set during the 13th century following the expulsion of Jews from England at the time. Joanna Hicks, more commonly known around Yass as Jo, spoke to the Yass Valley Times about the book itself, about the author behind it, what to expect from the evening, and what events like these mean for artists in the Yass Valley. 


Jo said, “Robyn will be asked a few questions by Barbie Robinson, who runs a Canberra-based website called Living Canberra, she’s an arts journalist and promoter. She’ll ask some questions, then there will be a general Q&A for anyone in the audience to ask any questions, then we’ll do a book signing so people can buy a signed book to take home, then something to eat and drink”, summarised Jo. 


This is hardly the first time Yass has hosted local authors for promotional appearances, with Emma Grey having visited earlier this month. Jo commented on these events, proud to promote local artists and excited for the possibilities and inspiration these visits open up for Yass Valley artists.


“We do regular book launches with authors but I do like to promote local authors especially, we do have quite a lot of writers with a lot of talent in Yass and I think it’s very important that people have somewhere to go and talk about literature, to hear from the authors. There’s a lot of people interested in writing so it’s interesting for people that are considering writing a book or interested in that whole process”, said Jo.


“It’s a good opportunity for people, I think a lot of people in Yass have heard of Robyn, so it’s a great opportunity to support local writers. It’s good for the local community”. 


The event will be hosted at Yazzbar rather than the Yass Bookstore or Yass Library, as previous author meets have taken place, with Jo commenting that, aside from the cold that comes this time of the year, Yazzbar invites a certain relaxed setting that Jo feels is beneficial, highlighting the social element to the event.

“I think it’ll be a lovely environment and atmosphere — I think it will work really well for Yazzbar.

Everybody knows where it is and what they can get so they can have a nice glass of wine and something to eat. It should be really nice”

The Cadwallader author visit will be hosted at Yazzbar on Comur St Yass thanks to Joanna Hicks owner of The Yass Bookstore

Speaking on the book itself, Jo praises Robyn’s writing, offering her opinion and promotion. 


“It’s just a really lovely story that mingles relationships, history and art, a very well-written story. The descriptions of the period in which the characters are living, it’s very descriptive, and really good characters, you get a great idea about them, especially the protagonist, she’s very well written.”


Griffin Palen