National Science Week is set to hit the Yass Valley on Tuesday the 15th of August, with Yass Library and Yass Public School partnering to present two shows with renowned scientist Doctor Graham Walker. The shows, organised by Yass Library and Dr Walker, will be presented at the Yass Public School Hall, with the first show ‘Little Scientists Show’, aimed at pre-school aged children, from 2 pm to 2:45 pm, and the second ‘Science FUNomena’ for families and the general public. Both shows are free entry, with no booking required. 


Coordinator at Yass Library Erica Keanres spoke to the Yass Valley Times, speaking on how Yass Library was able to organise the event, as well as more information about the shows, Dr Graham Walker and what Yass Library and Yass Public hope the shows will accomplish for school-aged children.


“The first session is aimed at preschool and younger aged children, so we’ll do that at 2 o’clock, it gives the little ones time to have their fun, do some explosions, and do some hands-on activities. It gets them interested and intrigued. For the second show its family-style, so it’s for everyone, it’s at 3:30, so lots more hands-on stuff”, said Erica,


“I’m looking forward to what he brings in, it was more where do we put it so he can blow stuff up. It’s that expectation of when you watch science shows online from high school, memories of things going on in the science lab, its all those visions and fun in Science week”.


Financed by a national grant from the Inspiring Australia Initiative, the grant was provided by the Australian Government as part of National Science Week. After securing funding, Yass Library reached out to Dr Graham Walker, with Yass Public offering to host and provide space for the shows.

“We got a national grant, which is managed by the University of Sydney, and we applied and were lucky enough to get the grant. We’re regional, and they love supporting regional areas, especially bringing out people like Dr Graham Walker to do events. It was the only way we could afford to bring him here, to do that”, said Erica.


“Yass public school came to the party and offered us their hall for the afternoon, which is fantastic”


Dr Graham Walker is best known for his science shows across the country, through live performances, TV and workshops. Having worked with big names such as Questacon and the CSIRo in Canberra, Dr Graham is often found teaching at the Australian National University, with Dr Graham’s main interest in what effects such shows have on audiences, in particular inspiration and exposure. 


On what Dr Graham, Yass Public School, Yass Library and Erica hope the shows will accomplish and provide for audiences, Erica hopes children will find a greater interest in the sciences, and as such provide opportunities within education and the workforce. 


“I’m hoping that it intrigues a lot more kids’ interest in science, not necessarily the whole thing because as we know there’s so much range in science, but that it might at least intrigue. Science can cover things like computer technology too, so there are so many different opportunities for kids going forward”, said Erica.


Griffin Palen