The wine-drinking habits at Chateau Lello are seasonal, with more robust reds enjoyed than whites in Winter. But as the weather warms up, our attention turns to lighter and more refreshing drops.

But not just wine though, we also get a hankering for a cold, thirst slaking beer. When we can get to the pub or have people over, there will be nothing better than catching up over a refreshing frothy. As with wine, there are many different styles of beer, each with its own unique flavours. If you prefer certain wine flavours, you will perhaps lean towards these traits in your beers.

If you’re switched on to a savvy Sauvignon Blanc, you probably enjoy its herbal and floral characters. Try taking to an India Pale Ale, which also often flavours of herbs and citrus flowers.

If you like Pinot Gris or Gewurztraminer, you are likely to relish the fruit-sweet and often spicy flavours of these wines, so you might gravitate towards Pilsner-style beers that also often have sweet, hoppy flavours with spicy undertones.

Our Yass Valley hero white variety is Riesling, and we enjoy their bracing acidity along with their citrus flavours and floral highlights. If you enjoy a ripping “Rizza”, then a Wheat Beer might be for you with its clean, zesty citrus flavours and refreshing acidity.

If Chardonnay is your go-to tipple in the white wine world, then you probably enjoy their smooth, buttery, rich and often complex flavours. I’ve had a few Belgian Beers that would simulate the same flavour profile, so these might be good options for “Chardy” lovers.

If you like Pinot Noir, then you most likely enjoy their light and bright red fruit characters with forest-floor complexity. Reach out for a Pale Ale which is light, bright and slightly earthy in character too. One of the great red varieties of our region is Shiraz. The cool climate versions we see around here are elegant and spicy with bright black and black fruit flavours.

Dark or Amber Ales are also full-flavoured and elegant in nature and so might be worthy of a comparison. I love a good Cabernet too, whether it’s the cool climate styles from the Yass Valley region or the bigger, broader and ballsier versions from the Barossa or McLaren Vale. If you enjoy the richness and ripeness of Cabernets, then I reckon a solid Stout style beer will set you just right.

So, if you are a beer lover and up for a wine, or a wine lover up for a beer, there might be some method to the matching madness. Give it a go and see for yourself.


By Brent Lello

Yass Valley Times Wine Columnist