Local golfers Jarrad Porter, Morgan Holland and Blake Partridge (pictured) participated in the Longest Day golfing challenge recently to raise funds for Cancer Council’s research, prevention, and support services.

Designed to test your skill, strength and stamina the aim is to successfully complete your challenge from dawn till dusk. 72 holes is the ultimate challenge but there are three golf challenges to choose from de- pending on your skill, strength and stamina.

  • The Long Day – 36 holes (two rounds)
  • The Longer Day – 54 holes (three rounds)
  • The Longest Day – 72 holes (four rounds)

Our Yass golfers completed all 72 holes in just 12 hours. After being invited to join the challenge from team captain Jarrod Porter, Morgan Holland said it was a long day but good fun.

Morgan said the event was a good idea but they made sure to use lots of sunscreen. The group had a short half hour lunch break during the day before they were back to it for another few hours.

Yass Golf Club is a registered host club for the event, which means they waive the green fee and allow non-members to play as a part of the Longest Day challenge.

The official day for the 2021 challenge was Monday, December 13 but participants can choose any day in December or January that works best to hold their Longest Day golf marathon.

You’ll need all the time you can get so the Cancer Council recommends playing as close to the longest day of the year as possible, which falls on Wednesday, December 22 this year.

Since 2013 golfers have raised over $5 million to help cancer patients across the country.

Australia has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world and two in three Aussies are diagnosed with skin cancer by the age of 70.

If you wish to register head to the Cancer Council website.

By Brianna O’Rourke