It is expected at a Yass Valley Council meeting on Wednesday that the Laidlaw Street end of the Hume Bridge will continue to be utilised by street artists as a ‘”free wall” for graffiti.

Street Artist Jade Roche shares his spray skills with Yass youth

The wall was initially accepted for trial in a meeting in October of last year, with local Street Artist Jade Roche making the proposal.

In the council agenda, the following recommendation has been offered up.

“Informal community commentary about the graffiti art has been positive and Yass Police have advised no concerns about the conduct or safety of the artists.”

“It is recommended that on the basis of experience to date, approval be given for the site to continue to be used as a graffiti wall.”

Jade Roche, who painted the initial graffiti work on the bridge, was hopeful after reading their recommendations.

“I really hope it does get approved in the meeting because I have lots of interest.”

“Honestly, it’s come together exactly as I’d first hoped,” he said.


The feedback from the community so far, according to Jade has been resoundingly positive.

“I’ve had nothing but good feedback.”

“It’s so good to see some quality art there now,” he said.

As for his personal goals with the wall, Jade wants the people of Yass Valley to become more supportive of street art and hopes to expand the project into other areas.

“It got voted against originally because of the word graffiti, but the thing is graffiti has changed so much.”

“This is a wall to practice on so that potentially we could expand into other areas,” he said.

Good luck to Jade and all the Yass Valley budding street artists, who will undoubtedly be keen to see a positive result on Wednesday in the Yass Valley Council meeting.

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Max O’Driscoll