Bowning Bookham Landcare group is proving to be the driving force behind climate action in the region. They are hosting some intensive learning sessions to help people understand how to prepare for the change.

The first of these events will be held on Thursday the 29th of October at Glenryan 1830 Wargelia Road at 10 am and will cover grazing. Regenerative holistic grazing expert, Scott Hickman, has been invited to discuss grazing techniques in a changing climate.

“I heard him speak last year at a symposium in Dubbo and I thought his presentation was really good, easy to understand and had really good energy,” said Chairman of Lachlandcare Matt Doyle.

Scott Hickman has been running the ‘Growing the Grazing Revolution’ program for Mid Lachlan Landcare for the past five years and is a leader in modern grazing management.

The grazing workshop will cover management and strategy for ground cover, strategy for farmers to make things as profitable as possible and to understand better what is happening to their grasslands.

Bookham Bowning Land Care first workshop guest speaker –  Regenerative holistic grazing expert, Scott Hickman

The workshops have been funded by the Climate Ready Initiative which was started by the Bowning Bookham Landcare group. This is a three-pronged approach in which they looked at soils, prepared the grazing workshops and lastly will look at climate-ready vegetation.

It has been estimated that in future our climate will change enough to be similar to regions 500km northwest of here. Landcare is trying to educate people on the severity of this situation and make sure that steps are taken to not only combat these changes but to adapt to them as well. It is not only about what can currently grow, but what will still survive ten or fifty years in the future. Yass has a range of primary producers which specialise in local produce for our region which climate changes will have the most significant effect.

The upcoming grazing workshops will be a part of a series which run across all the different seasons of the year. There are various options for grazing, depending on the season. If there is enough interest, they may continue them in the future. They are also looking at having a bus trip during Autumn to a different district which will provide opportunities to experience different country and discover what is going on in other regions.

One of the biggest problems facing grazing in the tablelands is the amount of silt that is running into the Lachlan and Murrumbidgee Rivers.

The silt is from eroded soil that results from poor grazing management.

“Lachlandcare is the umbrella organisation for all Landcare groups in the Lachlan Valley. Through that position, I’ve become aware of how much silt is choking our rivers there, and the grazing workshops give me a chance to do something at a grassroots level,” said Mr Doyle.

Matt Doyle at Glenryan, Lachlan Landcare Chairman, Good Grazing Group Convenor

The workshop will help with strategies to reduce the amount of silt that runs off farms during significant rain events, and the erosion that also occurs due to wind.

“This is a great opportunity for anyone to have a go at different ways to make a difference to the impact of climate change on our homes, farms and community. Whether it is through the existing projects of improving soils, grazing and climate-wise planting or something else,” stated Program Convenor, Elizabeth Goodfellow.

“It’s a bit like starting a diet or going to the gym. The more people around you learning the same thing and giving it a try makes it easier,” said Ms Goodfellow.

Landcare workshops – learning propagation at the Landcare nurseryThe project is supported with funding from the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment and South East Local Land Services.

Registration for the events starts at $50 and can be booked through Eventbrite or contact The workshops are filling up fast so to secure your spot; please get in contact. For more information on the Landcare event, visit Bowning Bookham Landcare Facebook page or email

By Ryan Betts