Yass Merino Sheep Steward Greg Boutcher has been awarded for his volunteer efforts and contributions to the Sydney Royal Easter Show, presented with a framed certificate and pin.

“It was a great honor to receive that and it’s good to be recognised…you don’t do it to be recognised,” said Greg

Nominated by the Rural Agriculture Shows Society, the organisers and governing body for most shows throughout New South Wales, Greg has served as a volunteer for some twenty-five years according to friends and colleagues, although with such a long period, even Greg isn’t so sure.

“They reckon its about 25 years but I reckon it’s a bit longer”

Greg has volunteered in numerous cities and towns throughout his two-and-a-half decade service, as outside of the Sydney royal easter show locations and attractions include those in Yass, Dubbo for the National Ram Show, Goulburn and more recently Canberra through the Great Southern Supreme Merino Sale, typically held in January and formerly in Goulburn.

Greg Boutcher is hard at work at the Yass Show, pictured with Sam Bucknell

During his time, Greg has formed numerous lifelong friendships, with these connections being the highlight of his career.

“The merino section is more like a family than just mates,” he explained.

“I’ve seen kids growing up and now watching their kids grow up.”

“It’s very family orientated–  It doesn’t matter who you are, once you get into that sort of family you never get out of it”

Greg Boutcher holding his certificate for 25 years of service to the Sydney Royal Easter Show

The certificate and pin aren’t the first time Greg has been noticed and awarded for his efforts. As pictured, Greg had previously been awarded a crook, a staff-like stick used for shepherding purposes with a ram’s horn attached to the end. Greg quotes the Crook award as having been “five or six years ago”, having been awarded by the Stud Merino Breeders Association, presented to him for services to the Merino show section. “It was unexpected,” he said.

“It means a great deal to me, that crook because of who gave it to me”

As well as volunteer work for the Rural Agriculture Shows Society and the Great Southern Supreme Merino Sale, Greg has also served as a volunteer for the Rural Fire Service. Reflecting on his time as a volunteer for various organisations, Greg feels proud of his decision to have been a part of them all, supporting fellow Australian volunteers and their efforts throughout the country and history;

“It’s like everyone says, Australia is run on volunteers,” said Greg.

“It gives us great pride to volunteer and to help people out”

Griffin Palen