The recent freight train derailment at Gunning, between Yass and Goulburn, is causing a ripple effect of disruptions of the NSW TrainLink XPT services between Sydney and Melbourne.

The derailment occurred in the early hours of Sunday, July 10, at Gunning when a locomotive hauling wheat to a flour mill near Sydney lost traction on one rail of the dual track.

The incident caused extensive damage to the rail line NSW TrainLink confirmed.

It is one of many rain related incidents across the NSW rail network limiting the supply chain for grain, meat and cotton and has left some domestic consumers and exporters with low stock levels.

The Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC), which manages the line, is working to repair around nine kilometres of track, with initial investigations identifying around 7000 concrete sleepers that need to be replaced Transport for NSW said in a statement.

The restoration work began on Tuesday, July 12 and the ARTC advised of additional traffic on Gunning roads and the need to house workers in town. As investigations into the derailment continue, the ARTC has indicated it would take a number of days for the line to be fully restored, with freight and passenger services being restricted during that time.   NSW TrainLink customers planning to travel by rail in the next few days should be aware their journey may still be affected, and they may need to make alternative travel arrangements.

XPT services between Sydney and Melbourne were significantly disrupted, and customers experienced some delays and cancellations.   Road coaches were brought in to replace services between Sydney and Melbourne where possible, although the number of services was limited due to the high demand following damage caused by recent widespread weather events.   NSW TrainLink customers can call 13 22 32 to change their reservation with transfer fees being waived. Customers should check travel alerts on for up-to-date information and avoid or delay non-essential travel where possible.