Gunning school teacher Greg Baines has been endorsed as the Labor Candidate for Hume, where he will be campaigning for integrity in government, renewable energy, green jobs, and the development of infrastructure for Hume.

“Hume has been neglected for too long. We need a government that cares for people, and a government that does politics differently,” Mr Baines said.

Mr Baines shares that he is ready for the challenge and is eager to campaign for solutions to improve the region: “We have a once in a generation chance to make history in Hume this coming federal election. It’s time for a government that fixes the NBN, revitalises our region with new industry, invests in the skills of the future, and ensures our wonderful health system is properly staffed and funded. It’s time for a government who cares,” Mr Baines said.

Labor frontbencher Chris Bowen is strongly backing Mr Baines and the campaign’s focus on green jobs.

“It’s a myth and a lie that we don’t care about climate change in the regions. We are on the front line of climate change. Rather than deny it’s happening, Labor will embrace the opportunities that it presents for new industry,” Mr Bowen said.

Mr Bowen also acknowledges the challenges of the upcoming election, stating that it will be tight and that Labor will have to fight for every seat.

“It’s been a long time between drinks [in Hume] but it can be done,” Mr Bowen said. “But this a genuine three-cornered contest and in three-cornered contests, everyone has a chance … People will see more of us and we’ll be strongly backing Greg.”

Greg Baines is married with two teenage children, is active in his union and plays drums in a band. His home in Gunning is in the heart of the Hume electorate.