A planning proposal for a highway service centre in Murrumbateman is now open for public submissions on the Yass Valley Council website.

The site has been selected as a result of the upgrades to the Barton Highway and the land resumption it has caused, which has left current owners of the lot with an unusual property, modest in size and with direct frontage to the Barton Highway.

The project aims to provide a rest point for drivers in between Yass and Canberra, with the proposal approximating a 71km gap between rest points directly along the route of the Barton Highway.

The proposal listed the following benefits to constructing the highway service centre at the proposed location:


  • Utilise a suitable site to provide services to the local community and motorists.
  • Provide an opportunity for heavy vehicle operators to stop, revive and survive.
  • Provide an opportunity to establish an Electric Charging Station, which will support greener transport options
  • Provide job opportunities.
  • Result in no amenity impacts on residential properties and create no land use conflict
  • Be self-contained in terms of water and sewer provision.
  • Have no unacceptable environmental impacts.
  • Have no unacceptable impact on Aboriginal Heritage.
  • Have no unacceptable impact on traffic.
  • Be consistent with the objectives of all significant planning policies and Ministerial Directions.

To read the full proposal or share your thoughts on plans for a highway service centre in Murrumbateman, head to the Yass Valley Council website or send them to the Yass Valley Times at editor@yassvalleytimes.com.au

Max O’Driscoll