“This is not just a minor inconvenience it’s a massive disruption to our lives,” declared local resident Patrick Sullivan.

“A week of delays on the road into Yass from Wee Jasper, with all-day closure Monday and Tuesday, for a TV crew.”

“As a resident dependent on this road I question how Yass Valley Council could approve this and not consult those affected. I found out two days before through my RFS network.”

Seven network Location Manager Peter Harris wrote in an email circulated late last week that Wee Jasper Road, Boambolo, just to the north of Taemas Bridge Saturday, March 13th through to Friday the 19th of March.

On these days we will be operating intermittent stop/slow traffic control from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm each day.” 

In addition to this, on Monday the 15th and Tuesday the 16th of March, we will operate the intermittent stop/slow traffic control from 7:00 am.  

Then at 8:30 am we will close the road, through till 4:00 pm and then revert back to intermittent stop /slow traffic control till 6:00 pm. 

Any vehicles that want to pass along this section of Wee Jasper Road during these times will have up to a two (2) hour delay.  It would therefore be recommended for travel along this road to be avoided during these times, especially in the case of stock trucks.

I am sending you this information as part of Yass Valley Council and Transport for NSW requirements.  

The location manager also warned about visiting the film location.

“I would however caution anyone coming to the location in the hope of watching the filming, as it will not be possible and they will be turned away. “