CEO Sleepout
This time last week I was getting ready for the CEO Sleepout and I’d like to say thank you to everyone who supported my participation in the event. Thanks to your generosity $3566 has been raised, which contributed to a total of $38661 raised by the Catholic Education Canberra Goulburn Team; that makes us the highest fundraising team in the ACT and the fifth-highest overall in Australia.

It got pretty chilly overnight but I had a good, sheltered spot on the verandah behind the Library and managed to stay warm enough to get a few hours sleep. And although I didn’t at any stage feel unsafe I certainly gained an appreciation of just how vulnerable it must feel for those who have no choice but to sleep rough. I do want to acknowledge that, even though we don’t see many rough-sleepers in regional towns like Yass, homelessness is still a significant concern: I know from personal experience that there are too many in our community who find themselves displaced from their own homes because of troubles with, for example, mental health, addiction, or domestic and family violence and end up relying on friends and family for accommodation or sleeping in their car. 

 Mr Michael Green 

Mt Carmel School Principal

Photo of Mt Carmel Principal Michael Green with students Harrison and Annabella

Mt Carmel School Principal Michael Green with young writers Harrison and Annabella

Mr Green Slept out

Dear Mr Green

I hope you had a good night’s sleep. What was it like doing the sleepout? Did you get really cold last night in your box? If you were homeless would you sleep the same as last night?

I wish that nobody had to be homeless because it must be awful. That is why I always donate money when I can.

From Harry Kennedy

Year 3MA

Letter to Mr Green

Dear Mr Green

I can’t imagine how cold it would have been to sleep outside. I agree that we are really lucky and I hope that lots of people are homeless find a home. I am going to Sydney and I think all of my pocket money should go the homeless people I see.

From Annabella Nagle

Year 3MA

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