Sarah Chidgey and family. Photo by Moments Photography Canberra.

Clever Cookies and Cake is a recently opened Yass-based small business owned by Sarah Chidgy.

To kick things off, Sarah has chosen to host ‘Bake it Blue’ for Jeans for Genes this year.

“I’m putting my baking skills to the test to find cures for some of the 6,000+ genetic diseases and other conditions that affect 1 in 20 Aussie kids.” she said.

Her goal is to fundraise $600 or more for the organisation. Sarah has been baking since she was young, but her passion for baking and decorating truly began in 2019 when she decorated her first detailed cake. “My favourite thing to bake in my personal time would have to be something my eldest daughter can get involved in,” said Sarah.

“It’s beautiful to have that mother daughter bonding time.”

Sarah has dreamt of starting a certified and qualified business for a long time and is finally where she wants to be after opening Clever Cookies and Cake.

“I’m proving not just to myself, but to my two young girls that if you’re determined, and if you have a dream, you can achieve what you set your heart and mind to.”

When Sarah realised she could use her baking skills to raise funds for children through Jeans for Genes, she didn’t hesitate to sign up and start brainstorming how to reach her fundraising goal successfully.

Sarah’s close family and friends have supported her fundraising efforts and encouraged her to start her new business. “As a mother of two it’s a charity that really hits home for me.

When you see and hear about children that are affected by all these life-altering conditions, it’s every parent’s worse nightmare when something so life-altering is happening to their children and I, will do what I can throughout my new business journey to help where I can.

Every child is special and loved no matter their condition.” said Sarah. “I’m passionate about it because we are the children’s voice; it’s out of their power to be able to do anything.

But we can do something, and we can make a difference.” Sarah knew the Yass community would get behind her goal for Jeans for Genes because she has experienced the kindness of Yass locals first-hand.

“The countless times I have had one of the locals do something selfless and kind for myself or others is heartwarming.” explained Sarah.

“Where we can, and when we can, we need to help others. Even just a small donation can help these children and families a great deal for their future.”

Run by the Children’s Medical Research Institute, Jeans for Genes aims to ask the difficult questions—

How do we stop cancer?

Can we prevent birth defects and fight genetic diseases?

Our task is not only to provide hope but to make the future better,’ the organisation explained.

The scientists and clinicians at Children’s Medical Research Institute conducted the first-ever clinical trial to correct a genetic disease using gene therapy in Australia (SCID-X1 deficiency or “boy in the bubble disease”). They were also the first outside North America to trial a cure for spinal muscular atrophy. The organisation is currently developing gene therapy to find cures for previously incurable genetic diseases, like Propionic Acidemia and OTC deficiency. Everyone who makes a $5 donation to Sarah’s fundraiser before the 27th of July will have one raffle ticket into the draw to win a Clever Cookies and Cakes signature chocolate cake. Once Sarah receives donations, she will put raffle tickets in a jar to be drawn via live stream on Facebook.

Above: Sarah Chidgey’s youngest daughter with cake creation. Click on the photo above to make a donation

Southerly Jones