An elected Minns Labor Government will commit $1 million and instruct government agencies to develop a plan to re-open Wakefield Park Raceway.

To achieve this, NSW Labor will: 

  • Commit up to $1 million to support noise mitigation works at the track which will ensure key driver training and safety programs can resume.
  • Have the Department of Planning work with Goulburn Mulwaree Council and the Office of Sport to re-open Wakefield Park Raceway.
  • Prepare a Motorsports Strategy to help ensure that Wakefield Park can remain open for recreational and competitive motorsport operations.

Wakefield Park Raceway is one of only two permanent operational motor racing facilities in NSW; the other being Sydney Motorsport Park in Western Sydney.

Photo credit: Darryl Bullock

  The raceway is used for Learn-to-drive programs, road testing of new vehicles in a controlled environment, emergency service and Defence Force training activities as well as television and media activities.

Yass 2022 – NSW Labor candidate for Goulburn Michael Pilbrow, NSW Labor Leader Chris Minns, Labor MLC The Hon. Tara Moriarty

On 13 July 2022, the NSW Land and Environment Court (LEC) handed down a decision placing noise restrictions on the raceway, affecting the raceway’s long-term future.

Months later after considerable community outcry, local member Wendy Tuckerman said on 19 October 2022 that she made “urgent representations to the Deputy Premier, the sports Minister and planning Minister”.

Yet more than 6 months since the LEC decision, the NSW Government has failed to make any announcement about the future of the raceway.

A petition to re-open the track, sponsored by Shadow Minister for Sport Julia Finn, gained nearly 29,000 signatures in the space of three weeks in October 2022.

It is estimated that Wakefield Park generates a total economic output of $17.06 million annually to the Goulburn Mulwaree regional economy.

NSW Labor Leader Chris Minns said “The Wakefield Park Raceway is hugely important to Goulburn, providing not just driver training programs and recreational driving opportunities, but also tourism dollars and jobs.”

“NSW Labor’s plan is a big win for the community of Goulburn and motor racing enthusiasts.”

Shadow Minister for Planning Paul Scully said “This facility is crucial for vehicle testing and driver training.”

“NSW Labor’s plan will mean that that this important work that contributes to efforts to improve driver and vehicle safety can continue.”

Shadow Minister for Sport Julia Finn said “Wakefield Park is much loved by motor enthusiasts throughout the entire state.”

“Twenty-nine thousand people signed the petition record time, yet in contrast the NSW Liberal-National Government is moving at a snails pace to fix these issues.”

Labor candidate for Goulburn Michael Pilbrow said “Wakefield Park is a Goulburn institution that is cherished dearly by our community.”

“I am proud that a Minns Labor government will save Wakefield Park and ensure that jobs stay in this region.”

Member for Goulburn Wendy Tuckerman will have a response for next week’s paper edition and will be online shortly.