Now almost a year in the works, the Berinba Public School 50th Anniversary Wall is filling out and nearing completion. The wall, which features pavers of names of individuals connected to Berinba School, whether it be past students, teachers or otherwise, was devised to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the school last year in September. The pavers have been installed along the wall of the school just near the administration entrance. 


Many of Berinba’s ex-principals have been allocated a spot, as well as teachers both past and present. 


 Thanks to the combined efforts of Barry O’Mara and Neil Davis and direction from Berinba Public’s principal Malena Waibel, the wall is currently outfitted with at least 200 named pavers as of August 8th, and features display lighting that lights up overnight time. 


“It was for the anniversary last year. It’d been a little while getting them up, Unfortunately, we had some people lined up and they fell through for the installation of it, so we contacted Neil and I came on board to give him a hand. What happened last year, as part of the 50th anniversary, we offered pavers for sale for anyone who had an association with the school, whether they be 

ex-students, teachers or principals etc”, said O’Mara, 

“We sold just over 200 pavers, and then last week we finally got around to mounting them on the front wall and adding some display lighting on them so they light up overnight”. 

As of the 8th of August, Berinba Public School advertised that another 17 spots were available, however, as of the 16th Barry reports that this number has gone over, with the potential to add more. 


“I think we’ve actually gone over, I’m not too sure. We can add on up to about forty, so if anyone still wishes to purchase one they can still contact the front office and they will advise them how to go about it”, said Barry. 


Rather like with the ground pavers around the entrance to Bowning Public School to celebrate Bowning School’s 175th Anniversary – to which Barry O’Mara is also involved – the pavers allow those involved with the school to have their name etched in not just the school’s history but indeed the region, and to be a part of the legacy. 


“It’s a good way of people being able to etch their name in the history of the school and have it located right there at the school – People can be linked to the school for generations to come with their name etched in stone”, said Barry. 


Paver forms are available at the front office of Berinba Public School. 


Griffin Palen