Dirty about Yass tap water – Edwina Hagan inside her home the ‘Rose Inn’ which is the oldest home in Yass Town, circa 1837.

Dear Madam,

I have lived happily in Yass at “Rose-Inn” on Comur St for four and a half years. I have complimented the Yass Council previously on the beautiful way they maintain the streets and parks, and for their reliable trash collection and recycling, and for the way they run the transfer station.

The town water supply is not good, but by filtering, boiling and cooling the water, we find it ok to drink.

But yesterday was altogether worse. While brushing my teeth and flushing the toilet I was shocked by the degree of brown discolouration in the water. It was so bad that it would be unsuitable for either showering or washing clothes. We got no advance notice of this failure.

I’m vulnerable, being 75 years old, with many underlying conditions, and so is my husband, having a compromised immune system as a result of a peritonectomy, very radical treatment for a rare form of cancer. But even regular citizens need clean water.

I know the Council says it is addressing this issue. I know it has undertaken to supply Murrumbateman.

Well, how about cleaning the water first, and quickly.

This is my washing up water! I also received no reply to my original email of 19 January (to Council), although I was told I would be attended to.

Kind regards,

Edwina Hagan

Comur St,