An artist’s impression of an upgraded theatre and the original theatre.

The Liberty Theatre at Yass is the home of the Yass Repertory Society. Ann Holmes is the director of the Yass Repertory Society and has told the Yass Valley Times that “we are opening plays on 7th June and will be playing three weekends in a row at 8pm on the Friday and Saturday nights and the middle play, on the 15th will be a Matinee on the Saturday at 2pm”.

“Yass Repertory have had a difficult time over the last couple of years. We’ve had to vacate the Liberty Theatre because we had no income because we had COVID, and we don’t have a monetary income. So we ended up with no money and to put on a play costs about two or three thousand dollars. So we have been selling raffle tickets and we fortunately have got a couple of grants, one from the Rotary Club of Yass and one from Yass Valley Council and we have got enough money now to put on a play.

“Thankfully Touie and Denise who own the Liberty Theatre are allowing us to play in the Theatre without paying any rent. We just have to pay for the electricity.

“When we left there, we had to move what we owned, which was lights, curtains, all our property. We now have a stage with curtains and lights and very little to work with. The opening plays are two comedy great comedies Last Tango in Little Grimeley and Last Panto in Little Grimeley are about an English Repertory Society that is down on its heels.

“These two plays involve the same four characters in each of the plays, although we’ve got two casts. There’s two companies and they are really funny.

“We are still in trouble with crew and we’d love to have a couple more people for crew, but we can’t seem to get them.

“Tickets are on sale at the Information Centre. Because the heating was disconnected, we are asking people to rug up and are asking the townspeople to come and support the Yass Repertory. We are getting stronger, but we need support now. We need people to come to our plays, rug up well and you will have to come in the side door because the book shop is now where we used to have our entry.”