Lizzie Goodfellow, a country girl who has become the queen of digital branding will be in Yass to help local businesses thanks to the Yass Valley Business Chamber and grant partner Yass Valley Council.

The workshop at Creator’s Nest, inside Oddfellow’s Hall, Comur Street on October 20th will be around four hours long and is an intermediate workshop focusing on advanced brand marketing.

“You will learn everything you need to know to develop your own social media strategy and leverage your digital channels to build your brand,” stated Miss Goodfellow.

Miss Goodfellow’s communication’s resume is impressive, most notably being Head of Communications for the British High Commission and the Media Advisor to the Foreign Minister.

Miss Goodfellow is also a small business owner, founding Oakwood Digital in February of 2020. The name Oakwood is very personal to Miss Goodfellow, as it was the name of her great grandfathers grazing property and she wanted to incorporate it into her business.

Originally from the Southern Highlands, Miss Goodfellow’s love of the country provided her with the passion for helping rural and regional business, making her an ideal candidate to take charge of the second workshop hosted by the Yass Valley Business Chamber.

“My whole business is about empowering small business owners in regional Australia to make the most of their social media and take charge of it,” said Miss Goodfellow.

Lizzie Goodfellow is the Founder and Director of Oakwood Digital. As a born and bred country girl, she leverages skills and experience as a professional strategic communications specialist.

Oakwood Digital helps small businesses to develop a business strategy, business direction, audit social media channels to find strengths and weaknesses, figure out target audiences using algorithms and analytics and focus content on how to appeal to them.

Miss Goodfellow has a lot of experience in one-on-one coaching. Currently, she has over 40 clients from various regions around Australia, ranging from Queensland to the Southern Highlands and Yass.

Due to COVID restrictions put in place, the workshop will be a small group which plays to her strengths of coaching people. She stated it would be more intimate and personalized with the attendees asked to complete some questions in advance. These will ensure that everyone has a baseline so Miss Goodfellow can tailor the workshop to their needs.

The workshop will take you through the steps to successfully run social media accounts for your business, from planning processes & content creation to optimizing your profile, building an engaged audience, and growing your account.

“By the end, I hope everyone has the skills they need to develop their own social media strategy. I want people to walk away with a clear action plan, go home and start implementing it.”

Miss Goodfellow’s workshop will be $30 for members and $45 for non-members, respectively. If you would like more information, visit the Yass Business Chamber Facebook page for details.