After an especially wet and cold season, many may find their homes, buildings or fences require a paint touch-up. Fortunately, Corey Parker and his team at local service Parker’s Painting have the Yass Valley covered, providing painting on a wide variety of jobs. Locally owned and operated and a trusted name in residential and commercial painting, no job is too big or too small for the team, Parker’s Painting is committed to delivering quality paint with a personalised approach.


On what paint jobs the team at Parker’s Painting can offer, owner and team leader Corey Parker promises anything and everything is doable; 


“Interior, exterior, new houses, old houses, roofs, spraying, fences, big and small, pretty much anything and everything”, said Corey. 


For those concerned about whether now is the right time to get paint work done or revamped, with cold, wet weather expected for much of winter, Corey assures that the weather only influences outside structures to a degree, with inside painting jobs remaining the same all year round.


 However, painting outside structures and walls is still certainly doable this time of year, with Parker’s Painting having recently updated the outside of the Old Linton Medical Centre, among others, proving the conception doesn’t prohibit winter painting. 


“Inside is no drama at all. It’s only really the outside that the weather affects”, said Corey. 

Now is the time to assess your home/office paintwork to preserve woodwork & enjoy a refreshed colour palette

Maintenance is key with paint, especially with the turbulent wet weather and hot dry weather of the bushfires only three years ago. Corey recommended maintenance every few years, at most every 8-10 years, however how much time between repainting is dependent on weather, wood quality, paint quality and other context-specific variables. Of course, those who are interested in changing colour or design are free to do so at any time. 

“Cracks will form, you’ll get flaky paint, stuff like that”, said Corey, 


“It’ll protect the timber, say if you have a veranda it’ll preserve the lifetime of that timber, if you keep having it repainted it’ll last a lot longer. It’s a protective coating really”.


Corey is a firm supporter of supporting local industries and feels it adds a personalised approach and something of a relationship.


 “It’s always best to support the local community. I live in town and I buy locally so it’s good to have that vice-versa relationship. Local trades are a more friendly, more personalised approach. You get to know people in town, and people get to know you and your work”, said Corey. 


Local services also provide a sense of community pride to Corey, being able to see your own contributions to the community and be a part of it. 

Parker’s Painting professionals working on the Old Linton Medical Practice, preserving the exterior & uplifting pride in our town’s main street

 “Something like looking at the Old Linton Medical Centre. Being able to see the finished product on that gives me real satisfaction, it’s just rejuvenated it, especially being on the main street and being an older building” 


For those curious about when to get their property painted or maintained, Corey advises checking now to see if updates are needed, and booking a quote ahead of time. 


 “If people are looking at getting it done, probably start thinking about doing it now, keeping on top of it. Have a look around and see what you think, if paint is starting to flake, or peel or crack, it’s a good time to start thinking and getting a quote”, said Corey.

Griffin Palen