Binalong local Guy Yates won a whopping $10,100 at last week’s Superdraw Jackpot at the Binalong Community Club.

Guy’s number was drawn out and he was at the club to accept the jackpot on the night.

This brings the number of Superdraw wins for Binalong’s club members to three since the end of January this year when they began holding the draw.

Club President Michael Brayshaw said the previous draws were approximately $11,500 and $8,000. With Guy’s latest win it brings the total winnings to $29,600 across the three members.

“We needed an attraction and there’s nothing more that people like than cash and the chance to win a decent amount, which always gets the punters in.”

Entrants don’t have to put any money into the Superdraw, they only need to be a club member priced at $30/year and be present on the night it’s drawn.

At the moment, the draw is at 6:30pm and 7:15pm through the winter months, and 7:30 and 8:30pm through daylight savings and summer.

A frequent visitor of the club and a very deserving winner, Guy contributes to the club through barbecues and working on the bowling green.

“Barbecues, cooking, a bit of catering and that so he’s about,” Michael said. “He’s up at the club here on a Thursday and Sunday night week in, week out.”

“It’s not as though it went to somebody that’s just rocked up for the first time,” he said. “All our winners are pretty much the same, so they’re the people that have been loyal to the club and chip in and help us out.”

When asked how he felt about the win last week, Guy said he was a little bit happier now that he’s a few thousand dollars richer.

He added that he plans to invest the money into his house and probably buy the kids something nice.

By Brianna O’Rourke