Yass Valley Times is proud to announce our weekly newspaper print edition is now available for purchase at Country Kitchen Café next to IGA within Irvine Square.

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We are thrilled to partner with Country Kitchen Café to provide a second northside location to purchase your Yass Valley Times. What a great reason to stop in for a coffee and sneaky slice of cake or pie!

Read on for our feature on Country Kitchen Café, celebrating a quarter of a century serving up award-winning meals in Yass.

Celebrating a quarter of a century

Yass Country Kitchen customers will tell you that nothing beats a homecooked meal.

It is why for 25 years, owner Julie Rosser’s comforting pies, pasta dishes and pizzas have been the go-to in north Yass when locals don’t feel like cooking.

Her philosophy has always been to cook food that tastes as good as it looks, using fresh, local ingredients.

“Many of the business owners down the main street will refer tourists to me because all of the food is handmade on-site, which isn’t always the case these days,” Ms Rosser said.

Something people may not know about Ms Rosser is the 15 medals she has won over the years in the Great Aussie Pie Competition. It all comes down to the fact that the pies are baked fresh every day.

Ms Rosser is at home in her kitchen, and all of the action can be viewed by dining customers.

Country Kitchen Cafe & Pizzeria – Kaila Lymbery, Julie Rosser (owner) and Toni Garland serve up freshly made pizzas

Diandra Navara and her two-year-old daughter Adalynn enjoy a slice of comfort at Yass Country Kitchen most mornings. Their order is always the same: a caramel latte for Ms Navara, a hot chocolate for Adalynn and cake to share.

Ms Navara moved from Binalong with her family to Yass three months ago. She said she visits Yass Country Kitchen almost every day before starting work at Martin’s Fertilizers, five minutes up the road.

“There is a lot of room here, it’s easy to access, very friendly and they make great coffees,” Ms Navara said.

Two-year-old Adalynn and mum Diandra Navara are new to Yass and visit the cafe regularly

The space at Yass Country Kitchen meant there was enough room for customers to social distance during the COVID-19 pandemic and the business could remain open.

It has also meant Angus, aged 11, could keep looking forward to his fortnightly pizza from Yass Country Kitchen.

“They are delicious. I love to order the barbecue meat lovers’ pizza. My mum always gets extra, extra mushrooms. The ingredients are tasty,” he said.

Angus’ father, who wished to remain anonymous because of his job, said he and his wife were actively supporting small local businesses through COVID-19.

“My wife and I are lucky enough to have permanent jobs and any spare money we had we wanted to tip back into the community,” he said.

Satisfied customer – Angus age 11 gives Country Kitchen’s pizzas the big thumbs up – served by staff member Toni Garland

It is the customers’ loyalty that encourages Ms Rosser to keep cooking and the prices affordable.

“I am a little old fashioned that way. I feel a loyalty to the people that come and buy my goodies. I always make every effort to make sure it is as good as I can, which means it may not always be speedy, but it is quality,” she said.

Yass Country Kitchen is open on Monday from 8.30 am-3.30 pm; Tuesday and Wednesday from 8.30 am-5 pm; Thursday and Friday from 8.30 am-8.30 pm, and Saturday from 9 am-8.30 pm.

Most of the menu, including sandwiches, croissants and coffee, are available for those on the go.