Mick with wife Lil.

Very recently retired (this week) former Binalong Butcher and birthday boy (February 3) Mick Dal Santo, had an amazing night at the Binalong Community Club last night, (February 3) when the club took part in their brand new attraction. A weekly Superdraw with a jackpot of $11,500, in conjunction with other clubs in New South Wales.

Mick has spent the last 28 years running the local Butchery with the very successful business supplying meat across the district, while his special sausages made with a secret recipe, have even graced the menu at Parliament House in Canberra, to be eaten by some of Australia’s federal politicians.

The Superdraw was live streamed across all of the participating clubs and it was the first time that Binalong, which boasts a population of approximately 500 people, had taken part. The club is under the new management of husband and wife team, President Michael Brayshaw and Secretary Madaline Brayshaw, who helped instigate the new Superdraw venture, to get the club open on a Thursday night again. In fact, it was the first time the club had even been open on a Thursday night for over 2 years. It has only been trading on a Sunday and has run on a shoe-string budget for decades, propped up by a supportive, faithful and tight-knit community.

The Binalong Community Club. 

More recently, Covid-19 has definitely hampered the operations at the club, which hosts a bowling green and an 18 hole sand green golf course, however, luck was on the club’s side and close to 90 people turned out for the inaugural event.

Binalong managed to draw themselves out as the club for the night’s draw and then they were given the chance to draw a member’s number out. One lucky local would have the chance to walk away with the grand prize if they were present at the club before the clock wound down from the 4 minute mark.

The online adjudicator conducted the draw and the numbers spun on the screen before stopping on member number 229. Michael Dal Santo’s name appeared on the screen. He had 4 minutes to get to Madaline and speak with the online adjudicator to claim the $11,500 prize.

The crowd erupted in celebration and raucous applause. Speaking to the adjudicator down the livestream while calling out to Mick, Madaline yelled out, “Mick! Mick! You just won the Superdraw, he’s running. He’s here, it’s also his birthday, he’s running from the green.”

Mick had been just outside the club doors on the bowling green, sending a few bowls down with mates when he heard the crowd inside the club yell for him to come inside.

He may have only put the knives away last week at the Butchery to commence his retirement, however, Mick moved with the speed of a 20 year old, as he ran towards the clubhouse doors, as the sun set behind him in the west.

He made it inside the door in under 40 seconds, leaving 3 minutes and 20 seconds spare to claim the prize.

Mick speaking with the adjudicator of the Superdraw, just after his win.

Mick took the phone and said, “Hello.” However, the excitement in the club for his win, made it difficult to hear. He yelled out. “It’s my birthday today and I’ve just retired.”

Mick is now $11,500 richer and was very thankful for the win. He was asked what he would spend it on but couldn’t hear down the phone line due to the continued cheering and whistling. Family and friends congratulated Mick as they sang Happy Birthday to him before finishing off with 3 cheers of ‘Hip Hip, Hooray.’

Mick will return to the club next week to receive his cheque and take part in another live stream broadcast for his presentation.

President Michael Brayshaw said, “To have the club opened for the first time on Thursday in, I don’t know how many years, was great. We had 80 or 90 people in there. Mick and Lil are avid customers and supporters of the club and the community, for them to win, it’s amazing. Mick has already donated $1,000 back to the club and he put $500 over the bar last night.”

There will be some sore heads in Binalong this morning thanks to Mick’s generosity and the townsfolk will be telling stories all week about his amazing and well-timed win.

The club will continue to open on Thursdays for the draw and will be running a courtesy bus to pick up patrons from Galong, Bowning and Bookham. The Superdraw is a minimum of $8,000 each Thursday and although Binalong may not be lucky enough to be the club drawn out again as soon as next week, it will certainly create a buzz in the town and hopefully boost patron attendance.

Michael said, “Mick is a loyal, honest, down to earth person. He loves his bowls. We haven’t had bowls running for 3 years, I think Mick will now take more time to play bowls and hopefully the club can get back into competition bowls.”

Mick is still hoping to sell his Butchery and have someone continue the long tradition of providing fine meat in the Binalong district. He took over from the Spencer family who ran it before him.

Mick’s Butchery.

If you are interested you can check the business out at https://raywhiteruralyasscanberra.com.au/properties/residential-for-sale/nsw/binalong-2584/house/2514940

The asking price is $310,000

Congratulations Mick.